29 Aug

Exciting News: NL-DJ Partnership

We are excited to announce that Monogon Records will be partnering with NL-DJ on their future Producer Masterclasses. Monogon Records will be working with NL-DJ on their upcoming producer masterclasses; offering all the participants of the class a chance to get their music released on Beatport plus all major digital outlets and streaming services. This a chance […]

nl-dj monogon records
10 Aug

Master your tools

As a music producer, it is often very tempting to buy every plug-in or affordable bit of hardware that comes out: You read the reviews in Future Music Magazine on that synthesiser or see Universal Audio have just released a new plug and you must have it.  Having all of the tools is not the same as […]

17 Jul

Make It With What You’ve Got

Lack of money and gear can be a barrier to would-be producers; many think they need every plug in, loads of outboard gear and high spec speakers to produce quality tracks, but that just isn’t true. Whist having a £1m studio packed to the rafters with analog gear and vintage synths is every producers wet dream, you […]